What do you get when you cross Jessica Rabbit with Aeon Flux?  Shannon Joyel, of course!  Shannon is the consummate vocal chameleon, adapting perfectly to whatever the need might be.  Her sultry, classic vocals have taken her around the world and back again.  This Floridian used to be a Little Mermaid once upon a time, having graced the stage at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  She was also a favorite for Tokyo and Hong Kong Disney and performed nationally on tour before singing her way to Las Vegas.  Whether it be the standards of Peggy Lee or rocking out to some Fergie Ferg, Shannon has it covered.  

While in Las Vegas, she has appeared in Luxor's "Fantasy," Tony and Tina's Wedding, the Anthony Cool's Experience as well as a multitude of venues "rocking the night away."  Side note: there are singers that move and movers that sing.  Shannon is a singer that sings and it's quite moving.